The Artist: Robert Bernstein
Robert Bernstein, a kabbalist and an artist, has been practicing the kabbalah for more than 25 years.
His jewels include spiritual symbols, holy scripts and
palms composed by King David and King Solomon.

Silver Kabbalah Ring for Ailments Caused by Evil Eye

The term evil eye has been user for many centuries and is still a prominent concept in many cultures. While the “evil eye” may not necessarily represent an evil eye of a person, it often stands for jealousy, ill-wishing and mean gossiping, which, either intentionally or not, may result in a temporary sickness, long-term illness or permanent disorder. Certain categories of people are more susceptible to the evil eye than others. They include small babies and children, pregnant women, and people older than 60. 

People often buy the evil eye amulets made of glass to protect themselves from the effects of an evil eye. However, there is another and more discrete way used as an alternative to wearing a blue amulet recognizable by everyone – a silver Kabbalah ring with Jewish symbols for protection. 

The silver Kabbalah ring used to prevent ailments caused by evil eye can often be seen worn by people from Middle Eastern Europe and the U.S. One of the strongest qualities of silver as the metal of reinforced intuition and awareness is fully utilized in the silver Kabbalah ring – it is often designed to increase the strength and potential of the unconscious mind, which leads to better, intuitive understanding of things that are happening in the ring owner’s life. People wearing this ring tend to see dreams that tell them about their future and be able to predict the outcome of their actions.

In general, the silver Kabbalah ring allows one to avoid individuals who can cause trouble and avert their bad influence. It can be worn by the head of the family to disperse the protective energies among all the members of the family.