The Artist: Robert Bernstein
Robert Bernstein, a kabbalist and an artist, has been practicing the kabbalah for more than 25 years.
His jewels include spiritual symbols, holy scripts and
palms composed by King David and King Solomon.

Gold Kabbalah Ring for a Dream Job

Gold is believed to enhance the power of things that surround it, which is why it is often used by Kabbalah jewelers as a base for their engravings. One particular implementation is a gold Kabbalah ring, which is used by most authoritative and influential people in the world. The metal makes the magical writings more powerful and effective, especially when their goal is to make the ring wearer wealthy and prosperous. Because gold represents power, authority and control, wearing a gold Kabbalah ring will work for anyone who wants to find their dream job or get the promotion that leads to occupying an important post, being an executive and making a lot of money.

The gold Kabbalah ring takes its owners to the path of their dream career in small steps. At first, it will affect what kinds of people you interact with and the way they see you. You will notice that you will meet more and more people who are capable of having an effect on your future and provide assistance with promotion. You will see that it is much easier for you to maintain your confidence and impress top executives and customers as you become more positive and influential in your personal presentation. Due to the strong performance enhancing powers of a gold Kabbalah ring, you will observe that every time you wear it to an important meeting you will do better than expected. In difficult situations you will be able to find bright solutions and always be focused on a given task.

In order to use the full potential of a gold Kabbalah ring for a dream job, make sure to wear it on a regular basis. Focus your thoughts on it whenever you are talking to someone who is making your feel nervous and apprehensive. Draw your strengths from it when you are presenting your project or talk to a client. The ring can serve as a strong support for any life situations, which involve potential success in business or money matters.